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product arrow Team Magic E5 Monster Rtr Brushed Version

Price Rp 3.800.000 Beli
Berat 8,00 Kg

At Team Magic, we did not want to make a Monster Truck for a small child so we made the E5 for the big child! We started with the idea to do an 8th scale Monster Truck, but smaller, and to create the E5. For the E5 brushed RTR we combined quality electronics with the durability of an 8th scale Monster Truck with the agility, and fast handling of a 10th scale. We also added some nice new features.

The E5 brushed is currently the strongest 1:10 scale Monster Truck on the market. The front bumper is also equipped with three white and two red bright LEDs. The Team Magic E5 includes a strong, well-shaped pick-up Monster Truck polycarbonate body to protect the internal components. Durable 14mm wheel hexes help handle the high power transfer towards the high-traction compound K-Factory tires which offer additional performance and fast acceleration on every surface.

All plastic chassis components are of high-quality fibre material which offers highest durability as well as less tweak for better geometry and better transmission efficiency.

The front and rear arms are symmetric and two of each part are included when you buy spares which will save you on the cost of parts. Dog bones can be easily lost and have a lot of wear - this is the reason why the Team Magic E5 has high-quality steel CVD's driveshafts in front and rear (this is a standard a all Team Magic models). The E5 has adjustable turnbuckles as well as adjustable servo saver out of the box. We decided for high-volume oil shocks and long travel suspension to absorb big jumps and bumpy surfaces better. Look at the rear end - push down! There is active toe in on the rear which gives you better control during acceleration and landing.

The Team Magic E5 chassis has an easy multi-port plug which let you change electronics easier. Less cables in the car thanks to cable tunnels. Quick release battery straps hold your 2S batteries

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